Accident reconstruction team investigating fatal car wreck

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News 12 First at Five / Tuesday, April 2, 2013

AIKEN, S.C. (WRDW) -- The investigation into what caused a car to hit and kill an Aiken woman is far from being over. The accident reconstruction team was out at the collision site on Tuesday, digging for details into what could have happened on Saturday afternoon.

"Speed, into braking, into damage of other vehicles, into causing vehicles or pedestrians to move a distance," said Chris Hammell with Aiken Public Safety.

And that list goes on and on.

His accident reconstruction team says every bit of the information matters.

"It's a giant puzzle," he said.

And he likes to think he knows where all of those pieces are.

"We marked here, these were some items the pedestrians were carrying," Hammell said.

His team works accidents like the one that happened Saturday several times a year.

"We try and collect as much evidence as we can," he said.

Trying to uncover what's most important.

"Our primary things we're looking for are speed determination and our primary directions, so we know where the vehicles and pedestrians were traveling, what direction they were heading," he told News 12.

It's only just a small amount of information they gather during the investigation, but on Tuesday, they were doing something different.

"We're gonna take a scale diagram of this collision scene and gonna preserve exactly where all these evidence points are," he said.

So weeks and months down the road, they can see it again, like the day it actually happened.

And with all of the evidence in hand, they can make a better decision.

"We're gonna get all of our evidence first, then we're gonna find out charges our evidence is able to support, and then make those charges," Hammell said.

And these were his final words he told News 12: "Just because we don't charge someone right away, doesn't mean we're not ... We can always issue a warrant and arrest that person in the future."

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