Remembering a tornado almost a year later

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Friday, Feb. 7th, 2014

GIBSON, Ga. (WRDW)- "It was awful it was terrible it was unbelievable something that you never dream of happening," said Carolann Landrum, a church member.

Carolann Landrum thinks back on the tornado that ripped through her church.

"It's just something that happens, and you wonder why I know I did and I wonder why this happened because it was so unexpected," said Landrum.

Almost a year ago Magnolia Baptist Church was completely leveled.
The steeple had been blown off ,and it was just a pile of rubble.

"Everything was gone it was just a total lost," said Vivian Smith, another church member.

It took about six months but now it's completely rebuilt, and the whole congregation has their beloved church back.

"God has blessed Magnolia by bringing it back together," said Landrum.

"I'm just thankful that we could get it fixed back and that the church wasn't a total loss," said Smith.

We're approaching March the time when most twisters occur.
Every year about thirty tornadoes hit Georgia and twenty seven hit South Carolina. Especially since today is dedicated to tornado preparedness I asked if they were ready in case another one hits.

"That's something we need to look into for the future," said Smith.

"I have thought about it because it was devastating but no I'm not prepared for one no I'm not," said Landrum.

Either way their faith remains.

"It was God's plan that it happened and it was god's plan that it was rebuilt and it's beautiful now," said Landrum.

A lot of people don't think to prepare for tornadoes.

That's the main reason for this exercise, to get families ready and if a tornado is coming your way-- you should seek shelter in a bathroom, hallway, or on the bottom floor of a building.

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