Super C back on the agenda

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, September 24, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---It's a possible comeback for a controversial restaurant in Augusta. The Super C nightclub owner, Charles Cummings, wants a new business license.

"If the Commission said no, it ought to stay closed," said Sheila Fryer. This is a grief stricken mother's cry for justice after her son was gunned down inside the Super C club.

The Augusta Commission voted to shut the club down back in August, but now the club owner is looking to re-open. Sheila, mother of Stedmund Fryer, says, "If he was any kind of businessman he would have done the right thing, and the right thing was not to let someone bring a gun into his establishment and shoot my son dead."

Some people are not so condemning. They say this time will be different.

The plan is to open without a liquor license. Karen Hyman lives down the street from the club. She says, "I think that the restaurant business would be good because he has excellent chicken wings up there."

Like Karen, neighbor Terrel Gilchrist says he looks forward to going back to the restaurant. He says, "As a club I say yes. As a restaurant I say yes. That's that man's life."

Mrs. Fryer responds by saying, "Well, my son didn't get a livelihood. 18 years of his life is gone because he didn't take care of his business as a businessperson."

Even still, Karen says she will be first in line if and when the club re-opens. She says, "I'd be up there every Friday."

Mrs. Fryer says, "He doesn't need a business, and we're angry and I'm upset and I think it's foolishness."

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