Donald Gamble arrested

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September 21, 2007

MIAMI, Fl.--One of the CSRA's Most Wanted, Donald Gamble, Jr., was arrested today in Florida after the Richmond County Sheriff's Office received an anonymous tip.

Richmond County investigators received a tip that Gamble was at a store in Dade County. They contacted the Metro Dade County Sheriff's Office, which responded to the scene. Dade County did not find Gamble at the scene, but as they were leaving officers saw a man fitting his description and stopped to investigate.

Gamble gave officers a false name at first, but was taken into custody without incident at around 3 o'clock, just one hour after the initial tip was called into the Richmond County Sheriff's Office.

Donald Gamble, Jr., also known as "Do-Ball" or "Duvall", was wanted for the July 14 shooting death of 29-year-old Quamaine Rickman. Rickman was on his way to his morning paper route, when deputies say he and Gamble got into an argument. Gamble then shot Rickman twice. He later died at the hospital.

Rickman's close friend and eyewitness to the murder Rick Owen says he has one question for Gamble. "Why. What happened behind the car that I didn't hear. I want to know why."

Richmond County investigators had recently raised the reward for information leading to his capture to $2000, but as of now investigators say the tipster isn't asking for any compensation.

Gamble is being held at the MDCSO Jail and will be facing extradition to Richmond County.

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