Campaign war of words in SC Republican primary runoff

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, Sept. 20, 2007

Senate Dist. 25--It's a war of the words for one Senate District in South Carolina. Shane Massey and Bill Hixon are in a runoff for the District 25 seat vacated by Tommy Moore.

It began yesterday, the day after Shane Massey and Bill Hixon were the two top vote getters in the primary. Massey sent a letter to Hixon to sign a clean campaign pledge. But Hixon refused to sign the pledge--at least for now.

"One of the things I really hate about politics is they are always so negative and always attacking each other and I just wanted people to know I'm going to run a positive campaign," says Massey.

Massey wrote to Hixon, "Instead of fighting and attacking one another, let's stay positive and talk about the issues and our qualifications to be State Senator."

Surprise is Hixon's reaction to the pledge. That's because he says he's been running a positive campaign since day one.

"And I guess now, my opponent chooses to run one also," says Hixon.

In Massey's pledge he states, "I will not engage in nor be involved with unfair or misleading attacks upon the character of an opponent."

But, in a reply from the Hixon campaign last night, Hixon says Massey's pledge for a clean campaign will ring hollow if some negative problems are not looked at. Problems Massey just doesn't see.

"I'm going to stay positive, talk about the issues because I don't think everybody cares about the other stuff," says Massey.

Hixon's campaign says "various websites have been used to anonymously attack me, my friends and my family." One such website is

"I don't know anything about the KaolinKronicle. I don't know who runs it. All I try to do is focus on me and my issues," says Massey.

Hixon says Massey could have stopped the negative postings and negative adds from out of state agencies.

"All he had to do was call the PAC and tell them to leave Bill alone and run on the issues each candidates stands for," says Hixon.

Bill Hixon says if the negative attacks end and Shane Massey adds that into the pledge, he will sign the clean campaign pledge.

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