Movie premieres again in Augusta, 50 years later

News 12 at 6 o'clock, September 17, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga--- Fifty years ago, all of Augusta was buzzing about a new film, "The Three Faces of Eve". It was based on the real life of a local woman who was struggling with multiple personality disorder. And the movie was about to make its world premiere in Augusta.

The date was September 18, 1957. Downtown Augusta was blazing in bright lights and crowded with people. The Three Faces of Eve, starring a very young Johanne Woodward was about to open.

The film was based on the true story of Chris Costner-Sizemore and it had the feel of a documentary, with an open by respected journalist of the day, Alistair Cooke, who in the film's open said "So this movie needed no help from the imagination of a fiction writer. The truth itself was fantastic enough."

But the truth is Chris Sizemore was not invited to see the story of her life splashed across the big screen. Her doctor advised against it.

"My family and I drove through town and looked at the marquee on the Miller where they were going to have the premiere - but I didn't go see it." remembers Sizemore.

She says it was a story told without her permission.

"Do you feel like you signed away a lot of your rights and privileges to your own story?" I asked her.

"I signed away all of it," Sizemore says.

Years later, Sizemore wrote 2 books of her own. "I'm Eve" and "A mind of My Own."

Sizemore says she had to sue 20th Century Fox to get her life rights. "I couldn't be coming to Augusta right now doing speeches, lecturing, writing books- I couldn't do anything."

Fast forward 50 years and they're getting ready to mark the film's anniversary by showing it again, a re-premiere if you will.

Since the Miller is closed for renovation, the premiere is happening at the Imperial. Best of all, Chris Sizemore won't be left out this time.

Sizemore told News 12, it feels more fulfilling now than it did 50 years ago. "Yes, I think it is. I'm a well, stable person now and I'm not afraid of saying or doing something that's going to offend other people."

The Three Faces of Eve went on to become a big hit. The young actress who starred in the film, Johanne Woodward, went on to win the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role portraying Mrs. Sizemore.

She may have missed the original premier, but she won't miss this anniversary.

Sizemore is back in Augusta, and enjoying the spotlight. Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver presented a proclamation making September 18, 2007 Chris Sizemore day in Augusta.

"It's such a pleasure to return to Augusta a well person. When I left here, I was still ill and to be received so graciously by everyone, thank you so much."

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