ASU, leaders encourage voting

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News 12 First at Five, September 19, 2007

AIKEN, S.C. - Aiken County had the lowest voter turnout for the Senate District 25 election yesterday, and now people are speaking out.

Civil Rights leader Jesse Jackson addressed the issue Wednesday at Second Baptist Church in Aiken, SC.

"I want people to know that voting is the only way to voice your opinion about decisions government makes for your life," said Jackson.

Students at Augusta State University agree.

"That's basically the only way we can get things done the way we want them is through voting and petitioning and things like that so that's why it's important," says Junior Aaron Williamson, who's registered to vote.

It's an issue Rev. Jesse Jackson's addressing on his Voter Education Tour. He wants to encourage young and old to cast their ballot in every election--not just presidential elections.

Williamson says a lot of young people are registered--but they're too busy to vote.

"A lot of times they've got a lot of stuff on their to figure out what they want to be--what they want to do --so I think that distracts them for a while, but once they get established they're more prone to vote."

Jackson says he wants tomorrow's leaders to recognize the power they have today--by voting.

Aiken was the last stop on Jackson's tour. He goes to Jena, Louisiana on Thursday.

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