On Your Side: Call For Action Week 2

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News 12 at 6, September 19, 2007

NORTH AUGUSTA--It's now week 2 for our Call For Action office and the response has been tremendous. The Call For Action volunteers have helped dozens of people already.

More than 40 calls have come in and so far, with a variety of problems, but with resolutions soon following.

The 12 On Your Side Call For Action office has been open for business for a little more than a week and already people like you have been taking advantage of it.

"The calls were very plentiful," Volunteer Carolina Burton said.

The Call For Action office is a hotline you can call with your consumer issues and with more than 40 calls in so far, it is already providing plenty of people with help on a wide-range of issues.

From insurance to yard work, to septic tank issues, medical and even cable and telephone.

The Call For Action volunteers are trained to help with just about anything you've got a problem with, including health issues, legal issues or even small business problems.

And, many of the calls that have come in just took a few minutes to solve.

Some were very quick fixes, which gives the volunteers a good feeling to know they're cutting through the red tape and providing help to those who need it.

"They are so appreciative," Burton added.

"We were antsy at first, but once the calls started coming in, we fell right on it," Volunteer DeGloria Forston said.

The Call For Action office is open from Tuesday through Thursday, 11 am to 1 pm. The number is 803-442-4550.

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