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News 12 at 11, September 17, 2007

AUGUSTA, G.A.-- Two thousand dollars can be yours if you help Richmond County investigators put an alleged killer behind bars.

But for an Augusta man, it's about much more than that. It's a chance at justice after 29-year-old Quamaine Rickman died in his arms. The day was July 14th, a day Richard Owens says he will never forget. That's the day he lost his best friend.

More than 60 days have passed since that fateful morning, and for Owen, every day the loss is the same. "I've been crying a lot. A lot of things remind me of him. It's been really rough."

From Quamaine's beloved basketball, to the empty seat at the other side of the chess table, and the pictures that cover the walls with his magnetic smile; Quamaine's memory is everywhere. But his loss is most felt in the car he and Owen were riding in when investigators say Donald Gamble Junior started firing.

"Basically a five minute episode ruined three lives." says Owen.

It started on Walker Street around 3 o'clock in the morning. Quamaine and Owen were up early for their morning paper route. Quamaine wanted to stop on Walker Street to talk with Gamble, a man they both knew. Owen says Gamble owed Quamaine ten dollars.

"I could see in the rear view mirror there was something going on. I heard the shot and immediately I heard another shot and the breaking of glass."

With his friend shot twice in the passenger seat, Owen took off toward university hospital as fast as he could. "I'm going 90 miles an hour down Walton way and I looked over and he had his head on my shoulder and i had my arm on him and I looked over at him and I knew he was gone."

Two months later, there is still no closure in sight for Owen. Now, he wants the killer's friends who may be protecting him--to be warned.
"Consider the fact this guy turned on someone he knew and killed him over 10 dollars if he can do that, he'll turn on you."

Richmond County investigators believe Gamble, known as "Do-Ball" may still be in the area. They say he may have shaved his head to alter his appearance. If you know where he is, call the tip line at 1-866-939-5050.

The reward now stands at $2,000.

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