Taking Back the Streets rally held at May Park

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News 12 at 11, September 15, 2007

A big effort leads to a big turnout Saturday evening in May Park where the Taking Back the Streets Rally was held in hopes of the community coming together to address the growing crime problem on Augusta's streets. The rally was dedicated to making positive choices in life and avoiding gang violence and crime.

"Our youth are our future. So if we don't take care of our youth and teach them better then we don't have a future," Ruby Ryals said.

The rally is catered to kids, and the hope is to make a difference in their lives.

"A lot of parents don't have time to spend with their kids, so we can do that for them. Just show them the right way," Brothers With A Cause member, CJ Henry said.

"I came out to support the cause. I've got a grandson and I wanna make sure he's safe," Ryals said.

Nationally known recording artist Trey Songz and several other artists performed their songs with the hope of inspiring young kids to stay off the streets and away from crime and focus on hard work.

"We need to learn how to have fun without people getting hurt and I have a song I'm performing called Dedicated talking about being dedicated to your family and friends and to other things, then being dedicated to the streets and violence and fighting," musical artist Klutch said.

Richmond County deputies said this event will help kids say no to violence.

"We want to let them know this violence is not going to be tolerated and we're going to come together as a community and let criminals know that we're going to take a stand against it and were not going to be intimidated and were going to take our streets back and make them a safe place to walk again," RCSO Sgt. Richard Roundtree said.

Their hope for the kids is to take a positive message with them.

"To understanding that there are some positive avenues to take out there and the choices you make today can affect you for the rest of your life," Christopher Garris said.

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