Barbee e-mail backlash

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News 12 Midday, September 13, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---More backlash from the Dave Barbee email. Thursday morning the Human Relations Commission called a special session on the topic. First Augusta's mayor, then members of the legislative delegation, followed by local community leaders all calling for Barbee's resignation.

Today, the Human Relations Commission looking to cut ties with their former chairman. Dave Barbee served as chair of the commission for two years.

It's a title Mr. Barbee has often called upon, some say, in an attempt to shield himself from reprisal. In a unanimous decision Thursday, the HRC deciding to set the record straight. Robert Smalley is the current chair of the commission. He says, "We want to clarify that Mr. Barbee is not a member of the H-R-C, and we do not condone the email that he wrote...are very fair statements that need to be made."

Some call the e-mail racist. The writer himself calls it poorly written. You'll recall the mayor asked for Barbee's resignation following the controversial email. The mayor says, Barbee has decided not to issue any response to the call for his resignation.

Mr. Barbee has requested a meeting with the Housing Authority. It's scheduled within the coming weeks.

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