Local man worked at Pentagon at time of 9/11 attacks

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News 12 at six o'clock, September 11, 2007

Augusta, GA---There are local ties to the September 11th attacks. News 12 spoke with a man who was at the Pentagon when the attacks happened. "I thought to myself oh my God we're in trouble." Mr. Wayne Gooden reliving the day when a plane hit the pentagon.

He says, "It was fire all over the place, it was chaos." Gooden served as a federal police officer for over twelve years at the Pentagon. He says never had he felt so devastated. "I just felt like sitting down somewhere and crying, but I had a job to do." He says.

Gooden is retired now, but a wall in his office attests to the time he spent at the Pentagon. He says, "It's one thing seeing it on television but personally being there and almost being a fatality as well is a whole different ballgame."

Gooden's wife of 35 years calls it a scary time. She says, "To know that I could have lost him that day terrifies me because I know that a lot of people did lose their loved ones that day and of course, God was with him."

Dr. Gooden has a song he sings that says, "Lord I remember on that date 9/11 when I was employed at the U.S. Pentagon, the plane hit the building where I had just been and I thank you lord you brought me out once again. Thank you for your mercy, sparing my life, and your compassion sent me home to my wife."

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