Augusta remembers 9/11

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News 12 First at Five, September 11, 2007

Augusta, GA---City leaders took time Tuesday to honor our nation's heroes. They say they never want to forget the ultimate sacrifice many paid just six years ago. Little Caroline and Andrew Boudet spent their morning remembering and celebrating the heroes of nine eleven.

Caroline says, "I was really sad that these people died, and it's just hard for me to understand that." And she's not alone. Six years later, Augusta native Joanne Kennely says she still has trouble accepting her brother's death. She says, "When others were rushing out he was rushing in to help find and rescue lives, and as far as I'm concerned that's what he did."

His body was never found. Joanne says, "It's really hard to put closure on it for us, but we're hanging in there." Richmond County fire chief, Howard Willis calls all those who serve and protect...heroes. He says, "They're special people in our heart. All people are special, but these people put forth an effort constantly to do their job, and we need to keep them in our prayers daily."

Joanne says she certainly will. She says, "For all the men and women who are over their in Iraq fighting for our freedom, thank you so much because they are there because of what happened on September 11th, and believe me, I love them for what they are doing."

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