RCBOE reprimands Dr. Frazier of Glenn Hills High School

Dr. Wayne Frazier
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AUGUSTA, Ga. -- The Glenn Hills High School principal will receive ten days without pay along with another letter of reprimand into his personnel file after past incidents.

Dr. Wayne Frazier was given three letters from the Richmond County Board of Education in relation to his negligence in the missing funds for the school, his DUI charge and the "Jail Report" that was printed in the school's yearbook.

Dr. Frazier was given a letter of advisement in regard to his misdemeanor DUI arrest on May 20, 2010. The letter of advisement is signed by Dr. Dana Bedden, but will not be placed in Dr. Frazier's permanent personnel file, according to the document.

The high school principal was also given a letter regarding the $14,417.62 that was unaccounted for at Glenn Hills High School. The document states Ms. Bridgette Thompkins, the bookkeeper denied wrongdoing, but she couldn't explain the missing funds. Ms. Thompkins resigned from her position, made restitution in the amount unaccounted for and agreed not to apply for another job, the report said.

Because the issue is a very serious act of omission and neglect on Dr. Frazier's part, the school system recommended him to be suspended for 10 days without pay.

Dr. Frazier was also given a letter of reprimand that was inserted in his personnel file for letting "The Jail Report" be published in the school yearbook.

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