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Anthony Saxon
Anthony Saxon
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News 12 at 11 o'clock, June 16, 2010

FORT GORDON, Ga. --- It was business as usual at Fort Gordon Wednesday afternoon, but 24 hours earlier, it was different story. Investigators say 34-year-old Anthony Saxon from Keysville drove onto post with a mission in mind.

Military sources and court documents say the former Florida National Guardsman headed to the 35th MP detachment where he claimed to have been an 82nd Airborne soldier. Saxon was allegedly dressed as a Master Sergeant -- ACUs and rank -- when he requested and was given a $1000 sophisticated laser sight. But he wasn't able to get by without someone being suspicious.

"The important thing is, the suspicious behavior was noted, it was reported, and he was quickly apprehended," said Colonel Glenn Kennedy, Fort Gordon Garrison Commander.

Directorate of Emergency Services Chief Willie McClinton told News 12, "A member of this community had spotted his vehicle and called it in to the military police desk."

McClinton said that Saxon was already wanted as part of another investigation. It appears this time, Saxon's slip up was entering the installation again. Chief McClinton is thankful the incident was quickly contained.

"It could have been much worse," said McClinton. "But thanks on the vigilance of the community, the person that called in the license tag, nothing happened."

According to Chief McClinton, Saxon left the 35th MP Detachment area and was picked up at building 14600, which is the communications security repair facility. Military policemen searched Saxon's car and found a bag filled with several inert flash bangs, a land mine and night vision devices. They found the laser too.

"The majority of the devices that were found wouldn't have exploded any more than a seat cushion in a car would have exploded," said Kennedy. "He couldn't have used too much of what he had to do much of anything."

For now, Fort Gordon officials are relieved that no one was hurt and the incident ended peacefully.

"We will do an After Action Review (AAR) to ensure that everyone is fully aware of what happened and to make sure that the procedures we have in place are thoroughly followed," said McClinton.

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