Photo ID a must at the polls

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News 12 First at Five, September 07, 2007

Augusta, GA---Georgia's Voter ID law has been hotly debated, and revised, since it passed. Now a federal judge has ruled it will be in effect for the next election.

Alice Young has worked at local poll stations for the last four years. She calls requiring photo i.d's to vote a good idea. She says, "You need to know that you really are a part of the community."

A federal judge agrees. Photo i.d's at the poll will stand. There are six accepted forms of i.d. including a Georgia driver's license even if expired, a state or federal government issued i.d., a United State's passport, a government employee photo, or tribal i.d.

Lynn Bailey, executive director of the Richmond County board of elections says, "There is no wiggle room here at some point before your vote is counted, you are gonna have to show one of those types of identification." How will it work..we'll find out in the November elections. To make things easier the state issuing free voter i.d. cards at your local registrar's office.

We stop by the office to pick up a voter i.d.card. It took us less than ten minutes. Bailey says, "It's anybody's guess what will happen in the future, but I think our voters need to get themselves prepared. They need to be ready and they need to get one of these photo i.d's.

Brenda Corley says she'll be ready. She says, "I have to have a photo when I go to my physician and have a physical so I don't really see it as a problem." as for Mrs. Young, she says this is all much over due. She says, "When you're behind the other side of the desk it's nice to know that you're helping somebody that lives in your precinct."

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