Donald Gamble - Richmond County's most wanted

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News 12 at 6 o'clock - September 7, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga. - Donald Gamble, Jr. is still on the loose. Investigators say Gamble killed Quamaine Rickman.

According to officers, Rickman was about to start his paper route when he stopped to talk to Donald Gamble, Jr. Officers say the two men began arguing and Gamble shot Rickman. Rickman was taken to MCG, where he later died.

Investigators have been looking for Gamble since mid-July.

"Just imagining him sitting in front of me with his handcuffs on and all that good stuff--that'd be great," said Investigator Tom Johnson.

Johnson says Gamble may still be in the area, but there's a possibility he's in South Georgia or Florida because he has relatives there.

"We want him off the street. He's committed murder and that makes him a very dangerous individual."

A one thousand dollar reward is offered to anyone who may have information leading to the arrest of Donald Gamble, Jr.

"We just need to catch Mr. Gamble," said Investigator Johnson.

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