Barbee tells News 12 email was "poorly written"

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News 12 First at Five, September 05, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Who knew an email could spark such controversy? Dave Barbee certainly didn't think so.

"Of course it's racist," said Barbara Gordon, community activist and editor in chief of the Metro Courier, referring to Dave Barbee's private email made public. What else can you call it? It is what it is."

Barbee sat down with News 12 to discuss Tuesday's news conference that some are calling an attempt to dodge the truth.

"Really and truly, Mr. Barbee's statement kind of was off base in that it didn't address the issue of the email about bringing 200 whites in and pushing 500 blacks out," Gordon said.

"I'm sorry," Barbee said. "I apologize. It was not intended in any way, shape or form, and I understand their hurt." Barbee says he's just hoping to move on from what he calls a politically incorrect statement.

"People use politically incorrect as an excuse all the time," Gordon said. "What he said was not only politically incorrect, it was morally incorrect, it was socially incorrect, it was economically incorrect."

"She's right. It was incorrect," Barbee said. "I said it was a poorly written email. What else do I have to say?"

It's an email that has the Mayor and other city leaders calling for his resignation. "I'm not gonna resign until the story is out, the whole story," Barbee said. "The truth, again, ladies and gentlemen, I wrote an improper email. When I say improper, improperly worded. And for that I'm truly sorry."

Barbee added, "The Good Lord don't put you in positions and in places that you're not able to handle. He's not gone give me more than I can take."

The emails that started this controversy are below. First are the emails to which Barbee says he was responding. Second is Barbee's email. And third is Braye Boardman's response to Barbee's email.

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