New Ellenton students learn hands-on about solar power

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News 12 First at Five, August 30, 2007

New Ellenton, SC--- Some local students now get to see first hand what Green Power's all about. It's a chance for kids to get hands on learning.

Sixth grade student, Deven Moore said, "We've never had anything like this before, and I'm excited to try it out."

The Green Power Solar Schools Program teaches kids about energy that comes from the sun.
The program involves a 10 by 12 foot solar panel located on school grounds, which is used for hands-on learning.

"Thats the best way to educate a child in some ways is to actually let them see something hands on, so this is a good opportunity," President and CEO of Santee Cooper, Lonnie Carter said.

The program includes everything kids need to know about renewable energy, math, and science. It's a web-based system which shows the kids just how much energy the sun's generating for their school.

According to New Ellenton Middle School Principal, Elisa Sanders, "Anytime we are able to move out of the textbook and bring real life activities into the classroom, it will have a great effect on our students."

Sixth grade student, Jeremiah Gordon said he wants to be a game designer and said this will help him reach his goal and develop math and science skills at the same time.

"We get to test out the cars and stuff and the pulley and the generator. I'm really looking forward to testing the solar car," Gordon said.

This is the second program like it in the state.

"Whoa! Second. Whoa! That's really good. I like that," Gordon said.

"To know that they are doing something new. Something that other middle school students are not doing. They are very excited," Sanders said.

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