Man arrested in possible dogfighting ring

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August 30, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Richmond County deputies have arrested and charged Carlton Jones Jr. with one count of animal cruelty. Jones owns a house on Kent Street where several dogs were found yesterday.

That house is one of three where animals were found. News 12 spoke exclusively with the owner of one of the other homes.

Kent Street was where the possible training facility was. Luckey Street was where the dogfighting might have actually taken place. But the owner of the Luckey Street home says that's not true.

"There is no dogfighting going on here," said the mother of one, who says she has her son to think about and doesn't want her identity revealed.

"I'm at work, all of a sudden I get a call there are cameras in front of the house saying there's dogfighting going on," she said.

Police took five dogs from her home yesterday.

"Is there a problem with having dogs? You can't have dogs?" she said.

We asked her if she bred dogs.

"Breed the dogs, take care of them," she said.

The owner told us the dogs ate, slept, and had puppies inside her shed, but she says they never fought.

"Why would you fight dogs that are having puppies that you're constantly having to take care of?" she asked.

The bigger question: why breed pit bulls?

"Just to have like puppies."

Despite that, she's being investigated for possible animal cruelty and dogfighting.

"Why somebody fight dogs in a place where they stay when Michael Vick just got caught fighting dogs? Why?" she asked.

As far as Carlton Jones' animal cruelty charge, that's a misdemeanor. He'll go before a judge. The maximum he can be fined is $5000.

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