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News 12 at 6 o'clock, August 28, 2007

Hephzibah -- Sometimes when you think the worst of human-kind, an angel of sorts comes down to make things right.

That's just what happened to a Hephzibah family after they paid big bucks for a fence that was barely standing a few weeks after it was built.

When the volunteer group Families 'R First saw our story on Bobby and Rosa Green's fence problems, they called immediately to offer their help and help they did.

You could say Doctor Joe Holt and his volunteer group Families 'R First just want to lend a helping hand; a helping hand for someone in need.

This time, that someone is Bobby Green. "It's gonna’ be a big help," he said.

Bobby needs help with this a fence he paid Cook Tree Service around $7,000 to build, only to find out later, many of the posts weren't concreted in. Add in the fact that Bobby is in the military and about to ship out overseas, he didn't want to leave his wife behind with this mess.

That's where Doctor Holt came in. “Being in the military, if he's gonna’ lay his life on the line for me, we need to come out and help him out,” he said.

Braving 100-degree temps, the volunteers worked on their day off to make things right.

"Normally I do a lot of grunt work, yard work, mowing, it's nothing to me," Volunteer Chris Hawkins said.

It was a lot of digging, pouring and watering to get the new posts upright and solid in the ground, which is something Bobby has been waiting months to happen.

"I appreciate the time and effort. I know there are a lot of places they can be," Bobby said.

"This is a small price to pay to give back," Dr. Holt said.

A small price to pay that will mean the world to this military man and his family.

"It means a lot," said Bobby.

In addition to thanking Doctor Holt, the volunteers and Families 'R First, we also want to thank Lowe's on Peach Orchard Road for donating and delivering the concrete needed to get this project done.

Now for the math, the volunteers donated around $662 of donated labor and concrete, and that means 12 On Your Side has recovered $216, 270 for our viewers.

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