5-year-old let off at wrong bus stop, picked up by strangers

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, August 26, 2007

Ramond Molton said his five-year old child was let off at the wrong bus stop in Aiken County and then picked up by strangers. His family said it was a close call and they want to send a message to keep other kids safe.

Five-year-old Raymond Jr. is a pre-school student at Redcliffe Elementary School.

"Their my angels, and we can't have no more so thats why we got to be careful with the ones we got," Molton said.

According to Molton, his son Raymond Jr. gets off the school bus everyday and is dropped off at his driveway. But he told News 12, his son was dropped off Friday afternoon at the intersection of Old Nail Road and Hwy SC 125.

"It's not right for that baby to walk down a mile from the highway where they drop him off at by himself," Molton said.

A mile away from his own driveway. Molton said nobody was down the road waiting for him.

Molton said, "I asked the teacher about that. If nobody's out there standing and waiting, that child goes back to school. They didn't do that."

His sister-in-law Roxanne Walters was waiting for Raymond Jr., but she was waiting at his home.

"I got shocked when there's a man out there in the white truck driving in the front of the house asking me if I got a little boy, I said yeah, that's my nephew," Walters said.

And that's not the only thing that shocked her.

Walters said, "He was hurt and crying and could hardly walk. I said what's going on? I said they're suppose to drop him off at the front of the house not in 125 and I'm down here waiting."

Roxanne immediately called her sister and brother-in-law to tell them what happened. They took Raymond Jr. to the emergency room for X-rays.

Molton said, he still doesn't know how his son got scratches and bruises on his legs, arms, and back.

"He said he fell, but I don't understand how he fell that many times and on his back too. I was concerned about that," Molton said.

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