Thomson community mourns second accident victim

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, August 24, 2007

THOMSON, Ga.---A second person has now died after Sunday night's (August 19) bad wreck in McDuffie County.

Coroner Rhusha Mack says 16-year-old Chrystal Williams died at MCG. She was in the car with 20-year-old Steven Wilson, who was also killed.

Williams was a student at Thomson High School. Counselors were on hand Friday to help students cope with the news of her death. People who live in Thomson say it'll be a long time beofre life is back to normal.

"The young man's life was taken in the accident. My heart goes out to his family. It was a young girl that died today. My heart goes out to the family of her too. She was so young," said Doris Gates, a resident a Thomson.

William Hall and Karen Meeks are neighbors. They say the accident happened within walking distance of their homes.

"I've been living [on highway 17] for 57 years. It's a dangerous road," said 83 year-old Hall.

Meeks said that the entire community is greiving, "It's very much saddened the community. It's effected everybody in a different way, but mostly because of the tragedy of the whole thing. It's just sad."

Even those who didn't know Chrystal Williams or Steven Wilson personally are feeling the impact of losing two people who had so much life to live.

"It's not for us to pass judgement, but I will say that I pray they're in a better place," said Gates.

Several members of a Jefferson County family were in the other vehicle and are in the hospital with serious injuries.

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