Augusta family afraid to go home after shootings

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, August 23, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---One Augusta family has been through quite an ordeal since the week started. Their home was shot up Monday night, and again Tuesday morning, then burglarized Tuesday evening.

Alonzo and Angela Howard said they've had enough and have no choice but to leave their home and move into a hotel with their five kids. The Howards' house, located on Knollcrest Road, was shot at twice and later ransacked. Clothes, shoes, a TV, a radio, and a DVD player were stolen from the home. That happened Tuesday night after the family had already left their house for the hotel.

The shootings came after a confrontation in the front yard of the home. Their 15-year-old son got into a fight with some of the kids in the neighborhood after getting off the school bus Monday afternoon.

The Howard family is currently living at a hotel because they said it's not safe to return to their home.

"You done shot people's house up, you done broke in their house and took clothes and shoes and all this black on black crime. It's got to stop," Angela Howard said.

Richmond County Investigator Tom Johnson said the Howards recently moved in from another neighborhood and said neighborhood kids are causing problems for the family.

"I haven't had any indications that it's gang related, but it's definitely a neighborhood type issue," Johnson said.

Investigator Johnson said they have interviewed and released someone but do not have any suspects at this time.

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