More questions in mysterious death

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News 12 at 6o'clock, August 18, 2007

AIKEN, SC-- The Aiken County Sheriff's Office and South Carolina Highway Patrol are both investigating the death of 23-year-old Christopher Jordan.

At first, the coroner's office said Jordan died from injuries suffered in a hit and run accident, now they say it didn't happen that way. Now, the victim's family wants answers.

" I just want to know who did it and why they did it." says Nathaniel Stukes, Christopher Jordan's older brother and one of the last people to ever see him alive. "I sat with him in the hospital all day. His heartbeat was weak and it got weaker and weaker until it was just too weak to pump anymore."

Jordan died just hours after he was found lying in the middle of Mayfield Road, early Thursday morning (August 16). His family says he left their home early that morning, walking the same path he always took to visit his girlfriend and their one-year-old son Armazin, who live just up the road.

But Jordan never made it to see his son wake up that morning, and he never will again. It's a hard thought for girlfriend Corlistic Weaver. "They left him like he was an animal. They didn't call. They didn't say I seen this. They just acted like he was nobody."

Weaver also first believed Jordan was killed by a hit and run driver, but she says that all changed Friday night (August 17) at the Aiken County Sheriff's Office. "They said Ms. Weaver, we have something to tell you. Your boyfriend wasn't killed by a hit and run driver, he was murdered."

"I know it's foul play. They beat him. They beat him. I don't know for what reason but they beat him." adds Stukes.

Corlistic and Stukes vow they will continue their search for the truth. "It's not like y'all just took a human. You took a father and someone that I loved. I just want to know why."

SCHP would not comment on whether Jordan's death is being treated as a murder, because they say they don't want to compromise the ongoing investigation. Anyone with any information is asked to call SCHP or the Aiken County Sheriff's Office.

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