Dr. Bedden's first week of school

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AUGUSTA, Ga. - Tubman Middle School Principal Thomas Lawrence says the first week of school went like clockwork.

"Smooth as silk," said Lawrence.

Students weren't the only ones who made it through the first week. Superintendent Dr. Dana Bedden did too.

"Fun and challenging at the same time," Dr. Bedden described it.

Some of the challenging parts were encouraging parents to get kids to school on time and ironing out those bus routes.

"An opportunity to find out what's working and what's not. For the most part, I think we've been okay," said Dr. Bedden.

He says the good outweighed the bad and the best part was seeing those smiling faces.

"The kids...seeing the kids out at the schools," said Dr. Bedden.

Bedden says he's studying his notes from the first week of school to make sure progress continues.

"We can't think about what we've always done and start looking at new ways to do things," said Bedden.

Bedden says from what he's seen this first week--so far so good.

"I'm optimistic and happy that we're going to have a productive year."

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