Coroner calls death of Aiken man suspicious

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News 12 First at Five, August 17, 2007

Aiken, SC--New developments late this afternoon in the case of an Aiken County man found dead and the man's family has lots of questions.

It happened Thursday morning on Mayfield Road, only a few steps from his house.

Initially thought to be a hit and run accident is now being treated as a suspicious death. The Aiken County Coroners Office says the autopsy result of 23 year old Christopher Jordan's injuries are not consistent with being struck by a vehicle.

All the family knows is Jordan never made it back home.

"He was laying when a lady came by in a car. She saw the body and called it in," says Christopher's dad Nathaniel Jordan.

He just hopes that no one else came along and hit his son while he was lying in the road.

"It's bad. Real bad."

Christopher died at MCG around 3:45 Thursday afternoon. Saying goodbye to his younger brother is leaving Shannan Stukes hurt and confused.

"That's my little baby brother. I raised him. I changed his diaper. Just lost."

Not again is what Shannon thought after he got the phone call about his brother.

"We just buried my mother and it can't happen again. Not this quick."

Smiling is the only thing Nathaniel Stukes can do everytime he thinks of his brother.

"He is a jokster. He liked to joke and smile. He was a happy person. He thought he was a boxer."

Smiling, trying to heal the heart but the pain still lingers for Roderick Folks. Earlier this morning, he walked the road where his brother's life ended just a day earlier.

"Just try to see for myself. Why? What happened?"

Christopher's dad is just trying to hold it together for himself and his family.

"Thank God and pray to the Lord that everything will be alright. That we continue being a family."

Christopher may be gone but never forgotten to his loved ones.

"He's always going to be with me. A part of me and nothing is going to change that."

The Aiken County Sheriff's Office is taking over the investigation. And they are asking for your help.

If you saw anything between 4 and 6 AM on Thursday morning on Mayfield Road, please call the Sheriff's Office at 800-922-9709 or you could call Crimestoppers of the Midland at 888-559-TIPS.

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