Propane tank explosion at Columbia Road Kroger

August 15, 2007

MARTINEZ, Ga.---Columbia Road has been reopened after an explosion at the Kroger.

One of six 100-pound propane tanks on board an asphalt line striping vehicle exploded this afternoon around 3:15. The valves on three of the other tanks were burned off in the blaze.

Firefighters were working in extreme temperatures to put out the blaze, and smoke was clearly visible from a distance. Gold Cross EMS assisted with a "Rehab" station nearby to cool and hydrate the firefighters.

A wrecker removed the truck once the fire was out. There were no injuries.

Click here to view photos of the fire taken by News 12 viewers Kaylin Penrow and Kliff Barner.

Photo taken by Kaylin Penrow

Photo taken by Kliff Barner

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