Richmond County Schools with no air conditioning

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First at Five, August 14, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga. - Air conditioning units have stopped working in at least two schools--Hephzibah Elementary and Academy of Richmond County.

Ninety degree temperatures plus no air conditioning makes for a steamy first couple of days.

"Mommy we didn't have any air conditioning in the school all day," this was exactly was Crystal Finch said her children told her when they returned home from Hepzibah Elementary on Monday.

Principal of the school Frances Ellison didn't waste any time addressing the problem.

"At 7:10 in the morning I called the board. They immediately sent someone out and started working on it then."

ARC experienced similar problems. Their air conditioning was out there also. The school's principal David Robbins said,

"[The board of education] promised us they'll be here soon."

By the end of the Tuesday school day, both schools' air conditioning units were working properly.

The Richmond County manitenance department asks that school administrators and parents contact them promptly if they experience any air conditioning glitches.

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