Richmond County superintendent's first day

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, August 13, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga. - It's the first day of school for students, parents, teachers and new Richmond County Superintendent Dana Bedden.

Dr. Bedden spent his first day of school visiting as many schools as he could. It was the first time many of the students and teachers met him.

"He's really a people person," said Joretta Akpo-Sanni, principal of Barton Chapel Elementary School.

Dr. Bedden says he's proud of Richmond County schools.

"Of the schools that I visited, everything's going well. There are a few glitches but we're working on them," he said.

The faculty wants to help make sure things continue to go well.

"We're going to work 100% behind him to make certain we get to the next level," said Akpo-Sanni.

Dr. Bedden has lots of ideas for the schools. One immediate goal is making sure kids get to school--on time.

"I'm concerned that we have parents who wait to bring their kids to school. A number of students aren't in class [on time] because the parents bring their kids to school late," said Bedden.

Barton Chapel principal Ms. Akpo-Sanni says that's something all schools can and will work on because today is a new start.

"Our theme for this year is new beginnings," said. Akpo-Sanni.

And Richmond County Schools have a new beginning with a new school year and a brand new superintendent.

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