Fire destroys Aiken County home

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, August 13, 2007

AIKEN CTY-- A weekend away from home turns into tragedy for one family. The Bass-Jackson family was headed back to their Langley home on Saturday Night from a weekend trip to Manhattan.

On their way, they got a call. One they never expected.

"We were coming back from our trip when on the New Jersey Turnpike we got a call after 10PM that said our mobile home was up in flames," recalls Homeowner David Jackson.

That call came from a friend of the family. And they didn't believe it.

"I was praying she was joking because I knew this was all we had," says Marcus Bass, the son.

But, one phone call later confirmed it.

"We actually called our sister in law and she said she won't call us now. She was going to wait until we got a little closer to the house. We had to pull over and couldn't drive any further right then," said Jackson.

The family turned to their faith.

"I asked the Lord, why? Why us?" says Marcus.

And then they turned to each other.

"Just keeping faith in God, supporting each other that's the only thing you can do now," says 17 year old Tiffany Bass, Jackson's daughter.

The family lost everything they had in the fire. But perhaps the most devastating loss is the pictures.

"Cause everything else you can replace, but you can't replace pictures," says Marcus.

Tiffany and her family used to have their parties in this backyard. Their aunt and grandfather live nearby.

"But it won't be the same because this is what we called home and home is where you're safe at."

The Red Cross is helping out the Bass-Jackson family by providing a hotel for three nights, comfort kits with bathroom necessities and gift cards for clothes and food.

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