UPDATE: Incident report released on Wednesday after baby found in hot car

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News 12 First at Five / Tuesday, July 15, 2014

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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- A 911 tape is now filling in some of the pieces of what happened after a toddler was found in a hot car this past weekend.

A couple found the child inside a car parked at an Augusta apartment complex. Today, for the first time, we hear the 911 call they made for help. News 12 is investigating what happened and what did not happen.

"I've got Christine on the line. They just busted a window out of a Black Impala. They're with a 2-year-old child trapped in the car. He's not really responding appropriately," a 911 operator said.

Christine Ortalaza called 911 around five o'clock Saturday afternoon. She and husband Nick saw the toddler, but didn't see a parent in sight.

"The car is not on and the baby looks like he's been in there for a good while because he was sweating really bad," Christine Ortalaza said.
"Are you alright? Feel okay?" Nick Ortalaza said.

The couple said the car was locked. All he could see was a crack in the window that he could just barely stick his hand through.

He says he pulled the cracked window down from far enough to unlock the door. "He is awake. We're trying to get him to drink some Powerade or Gatorade," Christine said.

The 911 call goes on for just under two minutes, and the couple says during that time no parent came to check on the child. EMS arrived, so did the fire department, but to Nick's surprise, no one from the Richmond County Sheriff's Office did.

"So I dialed 911 again and told dispatch that I would like a police officer to show up," Nick said.

When deputies did show up, Nick says they didn't take a written statement, arrested no one, and then the child was returned to the father. Nick says after News 12 started investigating what happened, is when deputies eventually contacted him. Two days later. "I've had fender benders where more paperwork was done than this," he said.

News 12 has reported on a number of stories of children left in hot cars and the outcome is usually that someone is arrested. That's not what ha happened here. Even though a man claiming to be the toddler's father did eventually show up on the scene. Nick tells News 12 the man admitted to leaving the child in the car.

The couple who called 911 says deputies did not take any written statements. As late as Monday evening, the Richmond County Sheriff's Office said deputies didn't know who the father was. As of Tuesday afternoon, no incident report has been filed by deputies and they say, there is no update other than that it is under investigation.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) -- The 911 call has been released after a man said he saved a child from a hot car in Augusta over the weekend.

The wife of Nick Ortalaza, Christine, spoke with a 911 and Gold Cross operator on Saturday after breaking a child free from a hot car. The 911 call explains what the Ortalazas said what happened.

No arrests have been made in the case.

The Richmond County Sheriff's Office does not have a report ready for the public because they said the investigation is still ongoing.


Gold Cross Operator: Gold Cross.
911 Operator: I've got a call for you.
Gold Cross Operator: Address?
911 Operator: 2703 Woodcrest Drive
Gold Cross Operator: Is this a residence or business?
911 Operator: Residence.
Gold Cross Operator: And what's going on?
911 Operator: I've got Christine on the line. They just busted a windows out of a black Impala. They're with a 2-year-old child trapped in the car. He's not really responding appropriately.
Gold Cross Operator: Hello, ma'am?
Christine Ortalaza: My husband and I were leaving my father's apartment walking to our car my husband just happened to notice that there was a child locked in the back seat in the car seat of the car. The car is not on and the baby looks like he's been in there for a good while, because he was sweating really bad.
Nick Ortalaza: (background) Are you alright? Feel okay?
Gold Cross Operator: How old is the child?
Christine Ortalaza: He looks like he couldn't be more than 2 years old.
Gold Cross Operator: Is he awake?
Christine Ortalaza: He is awake. We're trying to get him to drink some Powerade/Gatorade.
Gold Cross Operator: Okay, we'll get someone over there. And what's the name of these apartments?
Christine Ortalaza: Woodcrest Apartments that's off of Sibley Road
Gold Cross Operator: And where exactly are y'all at in Woodcrest?
Christine Ortalaza: 2703. Once you come into the apartment complex it's going to be the first street on your righthand side.
Gold Cross Operator: You say they're going to take the first right?
Christine Ortalaza: We're all standing out here. It's a silver Imapala.
Gold Cross Operator: Okay, we'll get somebody over there. Okay?
Christine Ortalaza: Okay. Thank you.

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