Car thief dies in high speed chase

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, August 10, 2007

THOMSON, GA-- A man is dead after crashing a stolen car into a Warren County bridge at over 100 miles an hour. It happened around 9:30 this morning (August 10) at mile marker 160 on I- 20.

It was a car theft with a high speed police chase ending with the victim's car totaled and the thief dead behind the wheel. Mangled metal is all that's left of an Acura after it crashed into a Warren County overpass at 100 miles an hour, but the man who died wasn't the owner--he was a thief. Authorities say Robert Lundy, Sr. of Lexington, South Carolina stole the car from a Thomson car salesman.

"It's unbelievable. A man lost his life in my vehicle," says car salesman David Estes. For him, it was anything but another day at the office. He parked his '98 Acura but it wasn't long until another man decided he wanted to take it for a ride.

"Roughly about 9 o'clock I noticed my car pulling out of the parking lot and I thought my coworkers were playing a joke on me," Estes recalled. But it was no joke. Estes and his boss followed the car and the thief up the road to the Thomson Walmart.

In the back of the parking lot, Estes spotted the Acura parked behind the store. That's when Estes and his manager then came face to face with the thief as he was changing the tags. "I walked up and was like 'Hey man! That's my car!' and he said 'Calm down sir, calm down sir' and i was like 'No man! That's my car!'"

Even more surprising for Estes is what the elderly man dressed in a business suit did next. "Very calm, very calm. He didn't get desperate until he realized I was going to try to grab him then he got really desperate."

Estes says the man threw the car into reverse and hit the guardrail, throwing Estes from the driver's window to the pavement.

A high speed police chase followed down I-20 into Warren County, but within 15 minutes, it was all over for the car and the thief.

"Really honestly I wished I could've punched him so he didn't get back in the car and he'd still be alive," Estes said.

Lundy was 65 years old. Georgia State Patrol is investigating.

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