Club owners make changes after Super C closure

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Augusta 10, 2007

Augusta, GA---Gerald Tanksley is club manager at Soundtracks. He says he's convinced strategy is key when it comes to successfully running a club. He goes on to say, "We try to be as pro-active as we can down here at Soundtracks rather than re-active. We search by hand. We have a male that searches males and a female that searches females."

Cyron Ross has worked at Club Platinum for over a year now. He's seen a number of different people pass through the doors. But Ross says there's one thing that remains the same. He says, "It's a nice place to come to. All you have to do is ask the kids who come here. I mean we've had our incidents but kids still come."

Club owner Rakeim McMorris says, "There's no more pocket books allowed inside the club and we're just doing everything we can. We heightened security to the point of whether inside or outside everything should be avoided." This comes after a deadly shooting there on July 1st. Investigators say 24 year old Nicolas Carpenter was standing in the club's parking lot when he was shot once in the stomach.

16 year old Denzel Ward is charged with his murder. Days after commissioners vote to close the Super C nightclub law enforcement officers say things seem to be moving in the right direction.

Sergeant Richard Elim says, "It's been really positive we've had club owners call us and try to take some what they would call preventative measures." Bottom line, Sergeant Elim says there's just one thing to keep in mind. He says, "It is not our primary goal to shutdown clubs. Our primary goal is to get clubs to operate safely."

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