Life must go on for Castleberry's employees

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, August 9, 2007

AUGUSTA, GA---Jonathan Coronell is a laid off Castleberry's worker and father of a one year old daughter. He says, "There's a lot on my plate right now. Child support is one thing, but I also wanna make sure she has everything she needs other than that."

Things piled up so much Jon says he was forced to start selling some of his personal items for rent money. "It would take longer to apply and get another job and get my first paycheck from that job than it would be just to sell a few extra things that I had laying around."

Jon came up with a clever name for the sale. The medium: eBay. The items: everything from tires to shoes. Nothing was off limits. As a last resort, Jon says he might even sell his car in an attempt to make ends meet.

Castleberry's announced this week it would not re-open before October. Augusta city administrator Fred Russell calls this a difficult time. He says, "Part of our issue here in Augusta is we continue to expand our base. Hopefully those kinds of things won't happen and we'll have other job opportunities that might be available."

Jonathan now spends each day at his computer surfing the web for available jobs. Castleberry's senior vice-president, Dave Melbourne, says he is aware of the struggle workers are encountering. He says, "Thank you for your patience and understanding during this very difficult time. I guarantee we are doing everything we possibly can to get the plant up and running."

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