Community divided on Super C closing

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August 8, 2007

Augusta, GA---Darryle Williams is a father of seven who works in juvenile detention. He calls Tuesday's commission vote to shut down Super C unnecessary.He says, "He need to have some type of security there yeah. But let's not close the man down."

Like Darryle, Ervin Walker lives near the club. He is raising three young boys. Ervin says news of the Super C closing comes as no surprise. He says, "There were times when we were afraid this thing could escalate to this level."

Club owner Charles Cummings has had his share of problems. Officers have been called to the club more than 40 times recently. The latest incident was for a shooting on the dance floor that killed 18 year old Stedmund Fryer.

Commissioner Bernard Harper calls Tuesday's vote tough but necessary. Commissioner Harper says, "This has nothing to do with trying to put anybody out of business and hurt anybody and create hardships, but it was something that just had to be done."

The club's lawyer calls the decision rash and unfair. He says, "The commissioners allowed their emotions to sway them as oppose to them truly looking at the situation and making a decision on the facts that were put in from of them."

The fact is a local businessman is out of a job and a mother has lost her son. Local community activist Reverend Fryer says, "This does send a message to all the clubs from the statements of the sheriff and even from the statements of the commissioners that this should not be tolerated."

Ultimately, it's a community divided. Williams maintains Tuesday's vote was too harsh a sentence. He says, "We are human, we make errors, lets correct them not penalize all the time when it comes to somebody's establishment...they business...they livelihood."

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