Georgia Golf & Gardens wilting in summer heat

August 8, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga---You want to see what it looks like to lose millions of dollars in landscaping?

The Georgia Golf and Gardens is burning to a crisp under this intense heatwave. News 12 stopped by Wednesday and we saw flowers wilting on the vine. Others look like they've been dead for a while.

Lots of the azalea bushes are showing signs of heat stress, and others are already dead. We found some of the grass is crispy under foot.

Seventeen thirsty acres along the Savannah River. Nine acres of botanical gardens, and just 2 people left to keep it all watered. By August 15th, those 2 will also be gone.

The attraction in downtown Augusta was forced to close its doors and layoff most of its staff when Governor Sonny Perdue cut its funding.

The city of Augusta has shown some interest in using the site for a new stadium for the Augusta Greenjackets, but after this summer's record breaking heat, it doesn't look like the gardens will survive.

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