Plant Vogtle looking to expand

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, August 7, 2007

WAYNESBORO, Ga. - Plant Vogtle's considering building two more nuclear reactors. The reactors are the heart of the nuclear energy process. They're responsible for heating water and turning it to steam.

Leaders say that the expansion is needed to accommodate the expected population growth of Georgia.

"The need for that is being driven by population growth in the Georgia area," says Beth Thomas, Director of Communications.

Nearly four million more people are expected to be living in Georgia by the year 2030.

Leaders say that people who live near the plant won't notice a difference if the two reactors are built.

"Those units will be clean, safe, reliable and cost-effective just like the units we operate here today," says Thomas.

Thomas says it's simply planning for the future.

Plant Vogtle is currently in the negotiation process. The earliest they'll know whether they can break ground on the new reactors is December 2008.

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