On Your Side: New Local FBI Boss

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News 12 at 6, August 7, 2007

Augusta -- There's a new man in charge at the Augusta branch of the F.B.I.

Many of you may not even realize there is an F.B.I. office here. Actually, you very well may drive by it and its brand new boss every day.

"I'm rapidly approaching my 11th year," said Anthony Russo.

Anthony Russo is no new-comer when it comes to the F.B.I. and he's bringing his expertise to the Augusta branch of the Bureau.

"I have inherited a very hard-working, competent office here in Augusta," Russo said.

Agent Russo is the new Supervisory Senior Resident Agent, which basically means he's the boss.

He's worked in Newark, New Jersey; Key West, Florida; and at F.B.I. Headquarters in Virginia.

He's got experience and he wants to put it to work here. "I want to be an integral part of the law enforcement community here in Augusta," he said.

While this area might not be what many would consider a top-terrorist target, Agent Russo's biggest recommendation to people is to be aware and watchful because you never know what can happen.

"In this day and age, diligence of the public is quite important since counter-terrorism is the number one problem of the F.B.I. and we can't be everywhere at once," he added.

But that being said he says this is a safe area and being aware and watchful doesn't mean you have to live your life in fear. "Living one's life afraid every day is no way to go about business," he concluded.

Agent Russo couldn't comment specifically on too many things because of confidentiality reasons.

He did say he and his family love Augusta and once his kids got in their new home, they decided they never want to leave.

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