Women's Day of Outrage held downtown

August 7, 2007

AUGUSTA, Ga.---Dozens gathered today in downtown Augusta as part of National Women's Day of Outrage. Augusta was one of 20 cities chosen for the nationwide protest.

The target is the music recording industry's use of demeaning and derogatory terms toward women. Protesters held signs saying "No to Degrading Women", "No to Sexist Images on TV", and "No to Offensive Lyrics in Music".

"I think women should be held up as the back bone of this community," said protester and school board member Venus Cain. " We are mothers, we are wives, we are sisters, we raise our children, we work in the community. There's a lot riding on us and for us to be referred to in derogatory terms is unacceptable to me."

Rev. K.B. Martin, the president of the National Action Network; Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver; and local radio personality Deanna Brown spoke at today's event.

Some other cities that had protests today included New York City, Los Angeles, Detroit, Atlanta, and Miami.

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