Commission votes to close Club Super C

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News 12 First at Six, August 7, 2007

Augusta GA---Sheila Fryer lost her son in the Super Cs nightclub shooting. She says Tuesday's decision to close the popular spot was a step in the right direction.She goes on to say, "To allow teenagers in your club and then serve them alcohol and then you check some people weapons and you don't check some. I mean its just not right, so i think he got exactly what he deserves."

The club's lawyer, Ben Allen calls the decision unfair. He says, "A business owner that has a liqour license, your livelihood can be taken at the whim of the commission because there was no standard articulated as to why the license was revoked."

Reverend Fryer, community activist and cousin to Stedmund Fryer says Tuesday's commission vote sends a message. He says, "This does send a message to all of the clubs from the statements of the sheriff and even from the statements of the commission that this should not be tolerated."

Sherrif Ronnie Strength takes it a step further. He says, "We are not gonna tolerate this type of activity in our community and we have to start somewhere and it was started today."

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