Teenager murdered; killer at large

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News 12 First at Five, August 6, 2007

WAYNESBORO, GA---The hunt is on for a killer after a 16-year-old boy is gunned down in his neighbor's front yard.

It happened Sunday night in Waynesboro. This is the first murder for the city of Waynesboro Police Department in more than two years, but for the victim's family, this is just the latest act of violence to claim a loved one.

Family members remember 16-year-old Damian Wright as a "good spirited person. A good hearted person. That always kept a smile on his face."

Sunday night the teenager was shot two times with a rifle. A horrific scene in his neighbors yard, just feet from his own home. One relative who does not want her identity revealed says she heard the gunshots from down the street and rushed to Damian's side, it's where she stayed until he took his last breath. "I'm sad for my cousin because that was a child."

Now GBI investigators are trying to figure out how Damian's simple walk down the street turned into a crime scene of this magnitude.

Was damian the target? Or, an innocent bystander? GBI investigators confirm there was a fight between two people involving a handgun and a rifle. Officers say multiple gunshots were fired, but as of now, they don't know if damian had a gun or not.

A recent incident report shows Damian was also hit by a bullet just three weeks ago at Magnolia Acres housing area in Waynesboro. His family maintains that shooting was an accident and they do not believe the two shootings are related. GBI investigators aren't so sure.

"I'm mad because my daddy just died and now he died." says Wright's 13-year-old cousin Dallas Chandler. He says he can't bear to look at the place his cousin lost his life so close to home. "That dude shot my cousin for nothing."

Damian's fate is much like his own mothers. She was shot in a front yard of a Waynesboro home by her husband when he was just a baby.

As for a suspect, witnesses are telling investigators the shooter was a man in his thirties that goes by the name Miami or Miami E. GBI investigators say they don't have a formal name at this time and are investigating the possibility that he has already left the state.

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