Dixie World Series athletes careful of heat

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, August 6, 2007

AIKEN, SC---The heat is on in Aiken for the 2007 Dixie World Series. For the fans, parents and ballplayers, there is one key to making it through the day.

"Just try to drink a cup of water every chance I get," said Nathan Cooper.

Nathan's advice is something he's convinced will help him and his teammates win the World Series. In fact, teammate Zach Collins doesn't think the heat will affect his play.

"I can play to my full potential."

But in order to play to their full potential, North Carolina's host family has important advice.

"Listen to your body, if you feel dizzy or weak, let the coaches know," says Angela Van Dyne.

North Carolina's coach Richard Cote says despite the heat, 100 is a cool off for this team.

"We had to play 9 games in 6 days to win our state tournament last week. We played all during the day at 12pm. Actually, these days have been cooler for us than we're used to."

Lynne Durant is the host parent for the Tennessee team and she knows her team doesn't have the cool advantage.

"The advice we gave them was try to stay cool, hydrate as much as you can before the game."

Because it's so hot out here today, every dugout will have 2 water coolers to keep the kids hydrated during the game. That's one more than every dugout usually has.

That's thanks to the recreation department.

"We'll put a couple extra out there because it's so hot," says Kim Thomas.

Neil Napolitano will be cheering on his son Nick and North Carolina. He's making sure Nick is drinking water and he has another advantage.

"I bought one of those sprayers with water, what are you kidding me? I'm not playing. I can go in the shade, these kids can't."

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