Richmond County bus drivers threaten sit-in

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Richmond County Superintendent Dana Bedden plans to do everything he can to make sure union bus drivers are in the driver's seats on the first day of school.

"It's my job to make sure the bus is running to take our children to school," says Bedden.

It's an issue that hits close to home with students who ride the bus, like Jamel Smiley.

"To me, it'll be a problem because that means my mom will have to take me to school everyday," says Smiley.

Union drivers are threatening to hold a sit-in on the first day of school. They are upset about working conditions and making claims of discrimination and harassment.

Dr. Bedden says parents don't need to worry.

"The buses will be running from my conversation with the leadership," says Bedden.

Union leader Sallie Thomas refused to talk on camera. But made this statement on the phone,

"We don't know why the previous superintendent didn't want to deal with our issues. Hopefully, this one will."

Bedden says he's not motivated by ultimatums, but he will listen to the driver's concerns.

"If there's some validity to the issues that they raise we'll try to address them and get them corrected."

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