Update: Neighbors react to loud noise heard, earthquake confirmed in Lincoln County

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March 25, 2010

LINCOLN CO., Ga.--A loud noise was heard around 6:45 pm Thursday in Lincoln County. The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office said they received about 25 phone calls about the boom sound.

The US geological survey reports that there was a 2.5 magnitude earthquake centered in the county Thursday evening.

On Friday night, it was very quiet in Red Devil country, but Thursday neighbors like Missy Wright and her daughter Icy said the sound was much different.

"I was inside the house and I heard it go, 'Blooo-Doom,'" Missy said.

"My sister came out the room and she heard some sounds," Icy said. "Then we heard these boom boom sounds."

Jamie Cox and his family felt it shake his house while also hearing it.

"My daughter said, 'Daddy what's that? What's that?'" he said. "And it seemed to last longer than it should've, so we thought it was thunder."

But it turned out to be an earthquake. Lincoln County High School student Behren Bass didn't hear or feel it when it happened, but her parents called to tell her about it while she was driving.

"They said they heard a big boom and there was an earthquake," Bass said. "I thought they were crazy, honestly, because I wasn't expecting it, but they said it made the horses go crazy."

Bass' horse Ginger was pretty shaken up. The quake also shook up Missy's young daughter Icy.

"I thought it was coming," she said. "I thought it would probably tear our house down."

Lincoln County lies along the fall line where the Gulf Atlantic Coastal Plain meets the Piedmont Region, meaning quakes will occur in the area from time to time.

"When people think about earthquakes they don't think about Georgia, but the reality is, there are fault lines here," said Lincoln County EMS Director Casey Broom.

One factor that contributes to seismic activity, Broom says, is water. Thurmond Lake causes changes in pressure that can generate seismic activity.

Broom said nobody was hurt in the quake and there was little damage done to properties throughout the county.

Some people said they hope they never feel or hear another earthquake again in Lincoln County.

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