On Your Side: Back-To-School Scams

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School is right around the corner, and that means you should be on the lookout for back-to-school scams.

South Carolina's Department of Consumer Affairs says if you have to apply for scholarships and financial aid to make ends meet, you'll want to beware of any supposed scholarship representatives that ask you to pay up front for scholarship information or ask for credit card information.

Also, be careful whom you hand out your child's vital information to, even if it's a sports team, doctor's office or school organization.

Make them explain why they need it.

If you're considering getting a cell phone for your child, be careful with the "no contract" or "no obligation" sale offers. Often times, these plans include hidden fees or don't always deliver exactly what they promise.

And, if you're thinking about getting your child a credit card, watch out for those unbelievable low-interest rate offers. Often times, those are for a limited time and will skyrocket after the promotional period ends.

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