On Your Side: Check Forgers Arrested

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News 12 at 6, August 1, 2007

Augusta -- Richmond County Sheriff's Deputies say they're one suspect away from breaking up a check forging ring.

Deputies say the thieves stole checks out of mailboxes like yours and ended up stealing thousands of dollars.

Deputies call this trio the Red Flag Thieves and that is "red flag" as in they see a red flag up on a mailbox, which let's them know there might be something good inside.

They'd actually take checks from inside, use a chemical to clean the ink off and then clean out their victim's bank accounts.

Ralph Kiner was caught around two months ago after passing several forged checks. He's in jail now.

Terrell Polen was caught this week after trying to use a stolen Lowe's credit card. He too is in jail.

But deputies are still looking for Rachel Lee Padgett who they say is still on the loose. One investigator says she will turn herself in on Monday, but that has yet to be seen.

All three suspects will be charged with several counts of forgery. Each of them could end up in jail for quite some time.

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