No animal control means Burke Co. swamped with strays

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News 12 at 6 o'clock, July 31, 2007

BURKE CTY, Ga.---Dogs on the loose in large numbers are a growing problem in Burke County. Some people even say the strays have been attacking livestock. And the problem is, nothing's being done.

There's no Animal Control in Burke County, so that means the dog population is increasing by the day. Some of these dogs are so vicious that they've attacked goats. Burke County citizens are anxious for something to be done.

"This is happening all over Burke County right now," said Lisa Williams, who works with animals all day. She's pushing for an animal control facility in Burke County because the dog population is overflowing, leaving many dogs with no food or water.

"With all the legal aspects and routes that I'm taking, I'm not being heard," she said. "I've never had such a brick wall presented to me before."

If one female dog has a litter of puppies, and those puppies reproduce and so on, it could mean over 11,000 new dogs in one year. Just imagine what 11,000 dogs could do to a county.

That's why residents in Burke County have started a petition to get local government to approve funding for an animal control facility.

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