Criminals outgunning sheriff's office

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July 31, 2007, News 12 First at Five

AUGUSTA, Ga---Even with the variety of high powered weapons used by the Richmond County's Sheriff's Office, officers say they are being overpowered by guns on the streets.

"If the public really knew how many guns were riding around out there everyday, they'd be surprised," Lt. Peebles says.

Lt. Scott Peebles gave News 12 an exclusive look at a room filled with over ten thousand weapons seized by authorities. Some are stolen guns, others were taken during search warrants, or from gang members.

Officers say they are concerned because the number of guns coming in has increased in the last couple of months, and so have violent crimes. Lt. Peebles says most of the weapons are not pistols for protection, but some are as powerful as those used in iraq.

Investigators tell News 12 they are constantly using sources on the streets to find the guns before they are used.

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