Commissioners debate revoking nightclub license

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July 30, 2007, News 12 at 6 o'clock

AUGUSTA, Ga---Super C nightclub owner Charles Cummings has lots of cards stacked against him. South Augusta neighborhood leaders and the sheriff want to shut down his club.

Sheriff Ronnie Strength told the commission public services committee that the nightclub has been a headache for law enforcement for years. He cited more than forty recent problems there.

"Theft, public peace, fight, drunk female," the sheriff says as he reads a list.

The most recent incident was a murder on July 10th. 18-year-old Steadmund Fryer was killed on the dance floor.
His sister Shanequea Fryer made a plea before the commission.

"Now I'm without a brother, he's fighting for his business, he's talking about feeding the kids, we was feeding my brother, and my brother is gone," she says.

Cummings says he's making visible changes including music and age requirements.

"All i'm asking is put me on probation, let me talk with the folks in the community," he says.

Despite the sheriff's push to close the club, some commissioners say the punishment may be too harsh.

Commissioner Calvin Holland recommended a five year probation and Don Grantham suggested closing the club temporarily.

In the end, there was no decision. Cummings will have to wait until next Tuesday when the full commission meets. The sheriff and others say he's had plenty of chances.

"We've had problems there for a very long time, why weren't all these steps taken prior to the shooting out there?" Sheriff Strength says.

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